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Earrings πŸ’ 

Made one at a time in my studio using traditional metalsmithing and beading techniques.

 πŸ”· Newest Designs πŸ”·

It is easy being ᧁ𝕣ꫀꫀκͺ€ 🐸 when you look like this Turquoise, it’s a lush hue with a rich brown matrix. This is β€˜Mojave Green’ by way of Arizona. Set in sterling silver with a mix of a soft matte and shiny finishes and oxidized for a rustic look. The earwires are longer, a bit more modern. You can see the video on Instagram πŸ’š *OOAK - Sorry, this item has sold out​​​

Triple hoops with a hammered texture and a 10mm cabochons set in a decorative bezel, the posts have heavy gauge ear nuts for extra security. These turquoise hoop studs are slightly oxidized, have a soft matte finish and measure 1 1/2" in length. All solid sterling silver. You can see the video on Instagram here. πŸ’™ Sorry, this item has sold out​​​


A great classic that never goes out of style, a turquoise stud earring. These are 7mm rose cut for a little bit of something extra, the color of the turquoise is a beautiful soft blue and they have a slightly textured background. Lightly oxidized with a soft matte finish. To see the video on Instagram click here. πŸ’™ IN STOCK -32.00


The earrings you are purchasing (1pair) are the round pearl on top, the photo of your earrings will appear when you click the blue here button above.

Pink Paradise - Designed with a variety of gemstones in vibrant shades, Juicy hot pink Sapphires, pink Tourmalines, soft violet Amethyst, pink Amethyst, opaque pink Opals and red/plum Pearls all in sterling silver. They are lightweight and can be seen on the Instagram video. They measure 2 3/4" in length πŸ’–*OOAK - IN STOCK - 72.00 


The earrings you are purchasing (1pair) are the rectangle shape pearlthe photo of your earrings will appear when you click the blue here button above.

Sweet and a bit modern - Pink freshwater pearl earrings, textured sterling oval beads anchor the top and bottom of the rectangle shape pearl, they have opaque pink Opals and pink sapphires handtied for a gentle sway and floral motif sterling earwires. They measure approximately 2 21/4" in length. View on InstagramπŸ’– IN STOCK - 42.00 

Raspberry Rose cut Sapphires set in Fine and Sterling silver, with a fabricated ruffle edge and sterling dot embellishments at the bottom. These sparkly Sapphires hang from lever back sterling ear wires and are lightweight lightweight. The silver was oxidized for a rustic look. Click on Instagram to see the sparkle in the video! Approximately 1- 1/4" long.  Free Priority Shipping in US πŸ’– *OOAK - Sorry, this item has sold out​​

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Sparkly Bohemian  - Deep blue Lapis faceted daggers with pyrite inclusions, superbly cut sparkly Kyanite drops, clear Herkimer diamonds and micro faceted Lapis rounds wrapped in Sterling silver that has been oxidized. Satin finish ear wires and approximately 3” long - studio and outdoor photos shown. Click on Instagram to see the video. πŸ’™ *OOAK - IN STOCK - 76.00 

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Sparkly Ocean Blues - Dainty multi gemstone earrings in polished silver, shimmering Kyanite drops, faceted Aquamarine gems, dark blue Burmese Sapphires, blue Iolite gemstones and faceted polished Sterling beads on hand forged ear wires. Must see video here πŸ‘€. Measures 1 3/4" in length πŸ’Ž IN STOCK - 52.00

Animal Instinct earrings - Leopard Skin Jasper and Faceted Onyx set in fine and sterling silver, faceted spinels were hand-tied to sterling chains to complete the look for these one of kind Boho beauties! All silver was oxidized and given a matte finish for a rustic look. Click on Instagram to see the video. πŸ–€ *OOAK - Sorry, this item has sold out​

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Beautiful soft green MaanShan Turquoise ovals, textured sterling half circles with a sterling arrowheads that were made from melted silver and hammered into a shot plate (fun!) then they were soldered on forged hammered circles. The silver has been darkened for an antique look. Measures about 2 3/4" Lightweight on the ears. Video on Instagram πŸ’š *OOAK - IN STOCK - 68.00

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Classic Southwest style earrings with hairbone pipe, Campitos & Old stock Arizona Turquoise with natural Coral, and grey Oyster shell. The earrings are lightweight and have a gentle movement with dangling oval Sterling beads which can be seen in motion on Instagram.  All metal components and beads are Sterling that have been darkened for a rustic look. Measures about 3 1/4" long. πŸ’™ IN STOCK - 45.00

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Sweet Hoot Owl, fun earrings for the owl enthusiast - Mother of Pearl doublets (the MOP is on the front & back) and she is wearing a Sterling silver crown with a blue/green flash labradorite gemstone πŸ’Ž on top, sterling bead dangles on the bottom for a nice little movement. To see these beauties in action click here on Instagram. All components are Sterling silver. *OOAK- IN STOCK - 52.00

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A classic earring that never goes out of style, these sterling silver discs were hammered for texture and sparkle. Holes were then drilled and tiny sterling tube rivets were gently hammered in the drilled holes to give them a polished look. πŸŒ€ IN STOCK - 40.00

Classic hammered and forged Copper discs that have been darkened for a rustic look have been pinned (heated sterling wire) together with Sterling silver wire. Turquoise briolette drops were handtied to the discs with darkened Sterling silver wire. They have a gentle movement and can be seen in motion on Instagram. Measures 2 1/4" in length πŸ’™ Sorry, this item has sold out​

These boho babe earrings have rich earth tone colors and are super sparkly! Leopard skin Jasper with golden Citrine, Hessonite Garnet and Jet are hand tied to the oxidixed sterling chain. To view the video on Instagram click here. πŸ’› *OOAK Sorry, this item has sold out. 

'Old Pawn Evan' earrings are Royston Ribbon Turquoise that are set in Fine silver with a textured 20ga Sterling silver backplate. Hand forged earwires are sturdy 20ga Sterling silver, they have a satin finish that has been darkened and are medium weight. Click on Instagram to see these beauties in motion. They measure approximately 2 1/2" in lenghth. *Free Priority Shipping πŸ’™ *OOAK - Sorry, this item has sold out.​

Turquoise Goddess - These earrings are carved turquoise goddess deities with black sparkly spinels and turquoise nuggets handtied on Sterling silver chain. All solid Sterling silver posts that are 'melty' looking and unique! Please view the video on Instagram to see these beauties in motion. πŸ’™ *OOAK Sorry, this item has sold out​.

Spring Garden Party -  These gemstones are gorgeous! Vivid pink Sapphires, super flashy Opals ✨ and Beer Quartz. The posts were made with Sterling silver which has been darkened for a rustic loolk. All metals used are a combintionation of Fine & sterling silver and 14k gold filled. Click on Instagram to see the video. πŸ’– Sorry, this item has sold out​

Classic Turquoise hoop with a twist - The earrings are made with forged 12 gauge sterling silver wire, the button doo-dads were made for recycled my Sterling scraps and hammered into a shot plate then soldered on to the hoop. Turquoise Hubei ovals and tiny faceted Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for the little dangles. πŸ’™  Sorry, this item has sold out.

Rouge Mermaid πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ - For the beachy mermaid who doesn't follow the rules, ha! These earrings have blue titanium druzys, flashy Moonstones, Apatite in neon and light blue. A gorgeous detailed Sterling bead, darkened Sterling components and chain. πŸ’™ πŸ’Ž *OOAK - Sorry, this item has sold out​.

A new type of hoop but still classic -  Hammered and forged shinny Copper and Sterling silver earrings with Nacozari Turquoise, natural Sponge Coral handtied to domed hoops, these earrings have great movement click here to see them in action on Instagram. πŸ§‘πŸ’™ Sorry, this item has sold out​. 

So Elegant - These beautiful earrings of faceted Lemon Quartz, smooth sunshine β˜€οΈ Yellow Chalcedony rondelles and faceted Yellow Chalcedony drops encased in sterling, silver flower petal bead cap, Sterling silver lever backs, all components are Sterling silver. These are gorgeous! πŸ’› *OOAK - Sorry, this item has sold out​.

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